Sunday, September 30, 2012

Can someone tell me what day it is LOL

So today's adventure of sight seeing didn't go as expected.  It was an adventure and we saw sights but not the ones we had hoped.

So that past two days I haven't felt tip top.  WARNING THIS MAY BE TMI (to much information) FOR SOME sorry you know this is my travel log...

Ok so I have felt like throwing up was eminent now I do get motion sick and fell nausea but not like throwing up was eminent and I don't throw up I think the last time I threw up was 10+ years ago. So that gives you a reference. So I just figured it was all the excitement and stress of really becoming a mommy (good stress but stress anyway) and traveling not eating my usual meals.  Now I really haven't eaten the traditional foods here. I kept to what I know and well honestly this trip haven't eaten much.  Just do to being busy.  I brought some Gerber toddler dinners for Sophia.  Let me just say they are good.  Yes I had one the night well day we slept away LOL.  I also had one last night with Sophia since we didn't get a chance to get to the store.  I also had scrambled eggs while she was napping LOL. 

This morning we were heading out to find McDonald's pancakes for breakfast and I was looking forward to them.  Sophia and I started out pretty confidently until she stumbled and bit her tongue.  She was fine but as you all pretty much know your face and tongue like to bleed with the smallest of wounds.  So cleaned her up along the way and continued on our way.  Made it to Old Arbat street where I thought McDonald's was.  I saw Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, and Chili's along the way.  When we got to Old Arbat street things started to go very badly for me.  I had a huge pit in my stomach and my fingers on both hands were tingly intensely.  I also felt light headed, like I was going to black out and throw up all at once.  So I grabbed (lovingly) and sat down in front of Starbucks and thought I need to eat or at least get some milk in me until we find McDonald's.  We had to sit for a good few minutes before I felt stable enough to walk.  There was another Dunkin Donuts in front of us and thought they must have milk.  I didn't want donuts and didn't want Sophia's breakfast to be sugar.  So we went in of course the menu was all in Russian and I didn't see milk in the case. I did see OJ so I ordered a bottle and a cup for Sophia and sat down to drink.  I did but still didn't feel better so I ordered another and a bottle of water.  As I sat not feeling any better thought maybe I should get a taxi to go home.  Honestly I didn't think I could walk out to the street to hail one. So I called Boris.  Please help.  I had to hand the phone to the worker at Dunkin Donuts to tell him where I was.  He said I am coming soon.  As I am know in tears, and closed the phone, turned to go back to my table 3 feet away I threw up in my hands YUCK! made it to the table in time to throw up three more times in a cup I filled the cup (coffee cup size).  TMI ALERT  empty stomach just OJ and bile so I figure not food poisoning.  Good times.  So I clean up my mess best I could and head to the bathroom down stairs.  Sophia poor think just wants to run around but I still thought I was going to faint so she had to sit with me and she was vocal about her unhappiness.  It took Boris and Irina about 45 min to get to me from their homes.  I was in tears with a crying loudly Sophia on my lap when Irina came around the corner what a glorious site.  I told her Sophia was fine but I was not.  Boris came and took my arm as standing was difficult.  (I am crying as I type this).  He got us to the car and said he could take me to the American medical center.  I said ok.  Of course they didn't take my insurance but I don't know about you but when I am sick I don't care the cost just make me feel better. ;)  So Irina tended to Sophia.  I was taken back and had a normal temp.  But was still tingling in my hands and shaking with chills and light headed. Not good times.  The Dr. gave me an exam (yep had to go topless but I was banking on all being professional and again when I am sick since it doesn't happen often...just make me feel better)  He didn't come up with anything obvious.  So he wanted to do a blood panel and glucose level.  Ok Luckily just a prick of the finger no real blood draw.  COOL.  Ok wait for results.  He asked me to drink some tea with sugar.  I don't like tea but I did as I was directed.  I also held my baby I wasn't feeling as bed but still not good.  

I got called back a short time later.  Glucose was normal the blood panel did show an elevated white blood count  He had listened to my chest and back and seemed to focus on my right side prior to the blood work.  So he said I would like to do a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia eek.  Ok better safe then sorry.  So again got naked from the waist up (all professional lol)  the tech came out after reviewing the film and said it looked clear.  So back to the doctor he agreed.  So no reason for any of this mess.  My hands are still tingling even as I type this.  He did say maybe the blood diagnosis machine was off LOL.  I asked for a copy of the results I will take to my doctor when I get home just to be safe.  He thought maybe I had a little indigestion or bug and then add all the stress and BAM this is what you get.  He said could happen to any of us.  

Boris then took us to the store to get some "neutral" foods.  Oatmeal, soup, bread, rice and yogurt (for Sophia).  We should be good until we go home. I am hoping to feel 100% there are friends I have met online here adopting I am hoping to meet tomorrow for dinner.  Keep your fingers crossed and maybe say a little prayer for us.  Thank you.

I still don't feel great my hands are tingling still I have a pit in my stomach but I don't feel like I'm going to pass out so that is good!  Oh and it only cost me $600+ dollars that I hope my insurance will reimburse me for LOL.  Just grateful I had it to pay.  :)  

Hopefully tomorrow at the Embassy will go better.  


  1. Megan- So sorry you are sick! How awful, especially when you are a strange place and needing to take care of your little one. The tingling hands reminded me of an experience I had and thought it might help to share. I had tingling and numbness in both my hands and feet, like they were going to sleep. I was also experiencing a lot of stress and a life change. I thought I was having a heart attack or something, so I went to the dr and I was actually having an anxiety attack. It wasn't at all like on tv, the symptoms were different so I didn't recognize it. And I never knew you could get numbness and tingling during anxiety attacks. Apparently it's from hyperventilating, which I didn't know I was doing, and the subsequent lack of oxygen in my blood. Since you are going through such a big change, albeit a good one, I thought of this. Coupled with your strange sleeping schedules and becoming a new mommy all at once... that's a lot. And stress is very real and can have very physical symptoms. Anyway, didn't mean to write a novel here, but maybe it helps. Elaine

    1. Thank you Elaine. The doctor did ask me if I was having shortness of breath I didn't think so but after your comment maybe I am and don't realize it. I do know stress is real. And what you said could very well be what is going on with me. Thanks for the "novel" it helped me. <3

  2. I second Elaine. Anxiety mimics many physical illness - what you are describing (tingling fingers, nausea) sounds like anxiety to me. When I brought home my then two year old from Ethiopia a year ago I experienced something very similar. It was horrible but we survived! Hang in there!

  3. Oh man. I could see this happening to me. Everytime we travel I throw up the first night. Stress!!! Hang in there!!!! You'll be home soon. But what a horrible helpless feeling. Big prayers to help you feel better IMMEDIATELY!!!

  4. And actually, after reading the comment above - I too have anxiety attacks that are very similar. And very scary. Good luck. This might sound really dumb, but when I'm having an anxiety attack, I try to think of something very distracting, like a favorite cartoon from childhood - wierd, but it works to snap me out of it usually!

  5. Can we get an update?!